Are you looking how to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress? Then this tutorial is for you. First of all you will need to have some categories added into your fresh blog and a user to assign him a specific category.

Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress

You will also need to install a plugin called Restrict Author Posting from WordPress repository. See the screenshot below how to install it from your dashboard panel:

plugin install

Now we are going to assign a specific category for a specific author, so the author will be able to post his articles only in this category. The rest categories will be hidden from that user. Let’s go to Users section and do the steps shown in the screen below:

Edit user

Select the author and press the Edit link.


Scroll to the bottom settings and in the section “Restrict the categories in which this user can post to” select the necessary category. In the example we assign the category Travel Photos to the user, so he is able to post new articles only in the Travel Photos.

The plugin have an amazing option to allow the user to use only own media files from the media library. See the screenshot below:


Check the checkbox option to restrict to use common media files to the user. In this case it will be forced to use own images or other media files from the media library.

That’s all. We have already setup the plugin and do “Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress”. Are you curious how it works? Then login with the Author data and add a new post. On each new post the user will be notified that he is not allowed to post in all categories. On the next screenshot you can how it works for this specific user (Only the Travel Photos is available for selection):

Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress

In case you want to remove the restriction, simply Edit the user and uncheck the category.

In this tutorial i have show you how to restrict authors to specific categories on your WordPress site. Hope it was useful for you.